A Fan Was Hit by a 110-M.P.H. Foul Ball. Now She’s on a Trading Card.

Liz McGuire was at a Blue Jays game in Toronto on Friday night, sitting on the third base line and talking with a friend, when a foul ball suddenly hurtled toward her at 110 miles per hour, striking her in the head and leaving a large lump above her right eye.

McGuire, 40, didn’t get to keep the ball that hit her, but now, 110 personalized Topps baseball cards bearing a picture of her swollen forehead have been mailed to her.

Bo Bichette, the Blue Jays shortstop, was up to bat during the late innings of Toronto’s game on Friday against the Tampa Bay Rays when he fouled off a pitch. The ball was fired over the protective netting in the lower bowl of Rogers Centre and behind the third base line, where McGuire was sitting her friend.

McGuire said she briefly turned her head away from the field to talk to her friend and didn’t see the ball barreling toward her.

“I heard someone scream, and then it just hit me,” she said.

The Blue Jays said in an email on Tuesday that McGuire was immediately attended to by medical workers at the ballpark, and that she decided to return to her seat to watch the rest of the game.

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