5 mins ago

    ‘Endgame’ Review: A Laugh at the Apocalypse?

    There’s plenty of pleasure to be found at the end of the world in the…
    29 mins ago

    Storming Normandy in 1346

    “Essex Dogs,” the first novel in a projected trilogy by the historian Dan Jones, imagines…
    5 hours ago

    The Fullest View of Vermeer Still Leaves Plenty to the Imagination

    A blockbuster exhibition brings together more paintings by the Dutch master than ever before. Yet…
    15 hours ago

    How the R&B Innovator Kelela Unlocked a New Level

    In mid-January, Kelela Mizanekristos emailed over the document she shares with everyone who plans to…


      41 mins ago

      Two Kisses We Never Talked About

      1 hour ago

      Wagner Group May Have Committed War Crimes in Mali, U.N. Experts Say

      2 hours ago

      Hong Kong Tries to Repair Its Battered Image With Plane Ticket Giveaway

      2 hours ago

      In Maine, a Rare Influx of New Residents, and a Housing Crunch

      3 hours ago

      The Powerful Lobbyist Behind Kevin McCarthy

      4 hours ago

      Brazil’s Lula Promised ‘More Books in Place of Guns.’ Can He Deliver?

      5 hours ago

      Corporate Lawyer’s Unlikely Mission: Defend and ‘Humanize’ a Hated Terrorist

      6 hours ago

      The World’s Newest Country Is Broken and Forgotten. Enter Pope Francis.

      6 hours ago

      Your Friday Briefing

      7 hours ago

      Court Dismisses Guilty Plea by Australian Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios in Assault Case


        2 hours ago

        Shaking Ordinary Ice (Very Hard) Transformed It Into Something Never Seen Before

        The research illustrates how much scientists still have to learn about a molecule as simple as water.
        2 days ago

        Bears May Rub Against Trees for Protection From Parasites

        In experiments, scientists found that ticks avoid the tar of beech trees, which bears seem to have an affinity toward.
        2 days ago

        Space and Astronomy in February: What to Expect

        February’s space events start with a somber memorial. The first of the month is the 20th anniversary of the Columbia disaster, when…
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