A Navy SEAL who deserted in 2019 has been killed in Ukraine.

A former U.S. Navy SEAL who deserted in 2019 was killed in Ukraine this week, the Navy said in a brief statement on Friday.

The SEAL, Daniel W. Swift, died on Wednesday, the Navy said, making him the latest American to be killed in Ukraine, where hundreds of international volunteers have gone to fight in Ukraine’s defense.

Mr. Swift’s death was first reported by Time, which said he had been fighting with Ukrainian forces. The Navy said he had gone absent without leave and had been listed as an “active deserter” since March 11, 2019.

The U.S. State Department confirmed a “recent death of a U.S. citizen fighting in Ukraine” without naming Mr. Swift, and said it was providing consular assistance to the family.

Navy records show that Mr. Swift was from Oregon and enlisted in 2005. He was a special warfare operator first class and held among his commendations a Legion of Merit award, as well as campaign medals for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Navy SEALS, like other elite commando units, are highly trained and conduct some of the military’s most dangerous and secretive missions.

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