Ukrainian embassies are targeted with packages containing animal eyes, the Foreign Ministry says.

Ukrainian embassies in several countries have been targeted with “bloody packages” containing animal eyes, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The packages arrived several days after six letter bombs were mailed to offices in Spain, including those of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the American and Ukrainian Embassies.

The latest packages, which the ministry said were “soaked in a liquid” and had a strange odor, were mailed to Ukrainian Embassies in Croatia, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. Ukraine’s general consulates in Naples, Italy; Krakow, Poland; and Brno, Czech Republic, also received packages, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Oleg Nikolenko, said in a statement.

“Ukrainian embassies and consulates continue to receive threats,” he said, adding that Ukraine’s foreign minister had ordered increased security measures at all Ukrainian consulates and embassies.

“We are studying the meaning of this message,” Mr. Nikolenko added. Ukrainian officials were working with foreign governments to investigate the packages, he said.

The entrance to the residence of Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vatican was also vandalized, according to the ministry.

In Washington, the Ukrainian Embassy received a letter with “a photocopy of a critical article about Ukraine,” Mr. Nikolenko said, adding that it had arrived “simultaneously with others from the territory of one European country.” He did not provide further details on the envelope’s origin.

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